"It is the things she wears that make her beautiful",


say Turkana men of East Africa.  

From antiquity to now cultural groups have used jewelry along with other forms of adornment to express what they think is beautiful, to convey beliefs about the natural world and to show their status in society.  Adornment both connects people and cultures while at the same time distinguishing one culture from another. 

(Collage Series Neckpiece--"Madonna Gold with Sankofa". Transferred image by Rev. Carlos W. Anderson)

In the early 1990's an acquaintance introduced me to polymer clay.  Since that time I have foregone eating and sleeping many times in the quest to perfect art beads, buttons, pots, pendants and neckpieces that make a statement and what I have titled the "HeartBox™"

Now, I strive to bring clearly my artistic voice into form, to discern and describe "Black American" as wearable and functional art.

"Collage" Collection

"Say It Loud" Collection
Below you'll see two reversible neckpieces.



"Ancestor Eye" Collection



Delta, "Crimson & Cream" Collection


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